Car Wash and Shine




Car Wash & Shine is a specialised blend of detergents and additives designed to clean and shine the surface of a car or truck body. The product is very free rinsing and thus ensures a streak free finish on all washable surfaces.




Appearance: Blue Liquid
pH: Neutral
Flash Point: Non Flammable




1) High/Low Pressure spraying Equipment.
Dilute up to 1 part Detergent with 50 parts water depending on the amount of soilage on the vehicle/s to be cleaned. Spray chemical on from the bottom of the vehicle working upwards. Rinse off with a strong jet of water.
2) Manual Cleaning.
Dilute 1 part Detergent with up to 80 parts water. Apply with a brush and again rinse off thoroughly with a strong jet of water.




Never let the product dry on the surface to be cleaned
Avoid contact with eyes or skin
Accidental splashes should be flushed off with cold running water





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