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Gary Pointon - Marketing Chemicals

Managing Director:
Gary Pointon
Gary Pointon started Marketing Chemicals back in 1988 with a solid background in the chemical industry. He set out to use his extensive knowledge and expertise, to provide the consumer a high quality product at competitive rates. Because of this, Marketing Chemicals Ltd has now become a diverse market player in the chemical industry providing a wide range of products. Gary still maintains his ideals to "Deliver the Best Quality at the Best Price" and his own brand of friendly and informative personal service, which is also shared by his helpful team at Marketing Chemicals.
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Sales & Queries:


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John Crombie
Mobile: 027 473 6008

John has had a long and diverse career in the chemical industry in New Zealand, with over 40 years’ experience in the field. His work has seen him build waste chemical recycling plants, before taking charge as Manager of Marketing Chemicals Ltd in 2003. In his spare time he likes to spend time with his family, play guitar & (try to) win Lotto.
Ryan Crombie - Marketing Chemicals

Assistant Manager/Dangerous Goods Warehouse Manager:
Ryan Crombie
Mobile: 027 434 0990

Ryan remembers to the day when he started at Marketing Chemicals – 18th September 2002! He start out driving a delivery truck before moving on to a sales rep role and finally specialising in the Dangerous Goods (Class 3 Flammable) side of the business. Now he is in charge of blending our solvent based products and specialist one off formulations created to a customer’s requirements. Outside of work Ryan tells us he enjoys cooking, art, playing guitar & cars. He’s a proud parent & still finds time to be an (armchair) sportsman - following the league and especially the Warriors.
Freeman Melchior - Marketing Chemicals

Brew master/Factory Manager:
Freeman Melchior

Freeman started at Marking Chemicals as a factory hand way back in 1997, when the company was a lot smaller and he worked directly under the founder Gary Pointon. From here his knowledge and responsibility grew quickly, and in 2000 he was promoted to Brew Master. Like the rest of the team Freeman is a family man, spending a lot of his free time looking after & entertaining his family, while also finding time to enjoy playing league (Go Papatoetoe Panthers!) & fishing.

Accounts & IT:
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Paora Olsen - Marketing Chemicals

DG Specialist:
Paora Olsen

Hawea Tukerangi - Marketing Chemicals

Factory Hand:
Hawea Tukerangi

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Truck Driver – North & West:
Gary Ford

Gary started at Marketing Chemicals "the week before Ryan" so that means he's been with us since September 2002. 
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Truck Driver – South & East
Raymond Paku