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Solvents are used to dissolve grease, oil, and paint. They are also used to thin or mix pigments, paint, glue, pesticides, and epoxy resins and to clean electronics, automotive parts, tools, and engines.

The solvents we sell include:
  • Dress It and Tyre Revive,  solvents for cleaning and restoring tyre appearance
  • Two Way Thinners, general purpose thinning of paints specifically designed for smooth application and quick drying.
  • Super Solve, heavy-duty degreasing agent for engine cleaning and removing heavy oils and greases.
  • Prepsol, wax and grease remover
  • Brake Kleen, fast drying solvent,for removing brake fluid, grease, oil & other contaminants from brake components.
  • Trade Silicon
  • Fuelite, Removes adhesives. Cleans grease & oil off metal surfaces. Brake cleaner
There are more cleaning solvents here than anyone could use in one go, but rest assured, there will be a time when you wish you had the one you don't have. Stock up today to make sure you always have want you want on hand. We also create Custom-Made Chemical Solutions for that particular job.

Please contact us for any information on any of these products.


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