The Perfect Custom-Made Chemical Solution Created to Save You Money, Time and Effort

Providing custom made chemical solutions for passionate cleaners in New Zealand for decades!

We can give you the best priced chemical solutions you need at the right amount and quantity to get the job done right the first time!

Economical Replica Solutions Created

All brands can be re-created at a fraction of the price. We create brands that are not sold by chemical suppliers in NZ, and make them available for you. This is the perfect solution to cut back on costs without sacrificing quality.
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Specific Quantity for Your Cleaning Project

Specific Quantity for Your Cleaning Project

You don’t have to buy bulk to save, or because you have no choice. Marketing Chemicals can provide you with the cleaning and automotive solvents that you need in just the right amount. This results in zero-waste and 100% satisfaction!

Customised Solution from the Start

Can’t find the right commercial and home cleaning chemical for your problem? We make sure your problem will be solved. Talk to us to discover the best chemical solution for the job you have and the results you want. Our friendly and knowledgeable cleaning chemicals specialists will help you from the start, right through to after product purchase.
Customised Solution from the Start
Trusted Name in the Industry

Trusted Name in the Industry

Marketing Chemicals has been in the chemical solutions industry for over 30 years. We’ve tried cleaning solutions first-hand and know what works best. We are dedicated to really helping our customers find the best possible custom-made chemical solutions.

Making Your Job Easier with the Perfect Custom-Made Chemical Solution from Marketing Chemicals

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