Parts Washing Guide

You need to clean parts but are unsure what the best product for your particular situation is? Or perhaps you're already using a parts washing machine or cleaning parts and want to make sure what you're using is the most suitable product for the job? Then check out our handy Parts Washing Guide below!

There are 2 main questions you need to answer with parts washing:
  1. Do you want a Solvent based or Water-based cleaner? - Solvent-based cleaners are generally more powerful but water-based products are biodegradable and easier to use.
  2. Are you cleaning in a parts washing machine or not, either with the engine/parts still in the vehicle/machine or out of it? - Parts washing machines are often easier to use but sometimes this is either not possible or not preferential for you.

Our Solvent based parts washing products are Parts Wash Solvent, Solvent D60Super Solv & Zapp Wash. See below to find out their differences.

While our Water-based parts washing products are Multi Clean & Citrus CleanerRead on to find out the difference between them.

When using a parts wash machine, our Parts Wash Solvent is commonly used - it's a hydrocarbon-based solvent and is one of our most popular products because it gets the job done. For those looking for a safer alternative, Solvent D60 has a higher flash-point which means it is not rated as dangerous goods for land transport and preferred by the Department of Labour. The water-based alternative for a parts wash machine is Citrus Cleaner - not quite as powerful as a solvent-based cleaner, but often a water-based alternative is required - and it smells nicer so is definitely more favourable to work with!

Zapp Wash sits somewhere in between a bath application and a spray one - as you can use it for both. It's a fast drying, residue-free solvent - you don't want to keep it in a parts washing machine as it would evaporate too quickly, but you can use it in a small bath application and by spraying it on and allowing it to air dry.

When you want to spray the product on to clean it, either when it's still in the vehicle or not, both Super Solv & Multi Clean will do what you need them to. Super Solv emulsifies with water, you spray it on, brush it in and spray off with a strong jet of water (making sure to cover any electrical parts first!) - this is the one that turns white when you mix or spray it with water. Multi-Clean is a red, water-based  liquid - it may lack some of the power of Super Solv (but that depends on who you ask and what you're using it for), but it certainly makes up for it in ease of use.

While we're talking about engines and vehicles - if you want to get rid of all the smoke/soot from under your bonnet - check out our Alkali Clean - it's the best there is for this somewhat unusual task! Definitely worth checking out if your car has been imported from somewhere with a lot of smog like Japan.

We also create Custom-Made Chemical Solutions if you require something specific. We will solve your problem!

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