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Getting rid of the grease and grime that some jobs leave in our hands used to take a long time and the cleaners were harsh and abrasive to people's skin. Nowadays, we are lucky enough to have access to all natural cleaners that not only remove the grime but care for our hands.

Clockwork Orange gel hand cleaner is the preferred cleaner for many who work in an industrial or automotive setting, removing the everyday grease and dirt associated with the job and leaving skin feeling clean and cared for.

For the home, office, school or hospital environment then a gentler but no less effective liquid soap for use in dispensers is available in various sizes. We also create Custom-Made Chemical Solutions.

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Here at Marketing Chemicals Ltd we aim to "Deliver the best quality at the best price", because we blend products to our own formulations, we can even tailor make products for customers to ensure they get what they need.

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