Moss Kill & Moss Kill Lemon - What's the Difference?

More than just the scent!

Moss Kill

Moss Kill is our long lasting, slow acting moss, lichen and mould killer - it kills the moss/mould/lichen & spores over a period of between 2 weeks and 6 months, depending on the type of moss or lichen. Just spray on and leave - it's as easy as that.

This means that you get a good, long lasting result but no immediate effect - if you looking for that wow factor straight away, then you need to use our Moss Kill Lemon.

Moss Kill Lemon

Moss Kill Lemon is our quick acting moss, mould & lichen killer - named after its lemon scent. Pair it with Transwash and you have the perfect house washing package! For more info check out our Exterior House Cleaning section.

Product Coverage

It’s hard to give an accurate ‘one size fits all’ answer for this as different surfaces will soak up more or less liquid than others, and even different equipment can affect how much product you will have to use.

As a very general idea to give a good starting point, 2 litres of diluted product will cover around 5 meters squared on a non-porous surface, or 3 meters squared on a porous surface.

If you're still looking for something different try our Custom-Made Chemical Solutions service. We will solve your problem!

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