Floor & Concrete Cleaning

Cleaning flooring & concrete surfaces can be a minefield depending on what you're trying to get off and from where. Luckily we have a handy guide to help you find the perfect product!

Workshop and factory floors are usually concrete, and either painted or bare

For painted concrete, you need our 'Jack of all Trades' multi-purpose degreaser - handily called Multi Clean - a heavy duty, non-caustic degreaser for the removal of mineral oils, greases & other soils from hard surfaces. It's non-toxic & concentrated formula for domestic & industrial use. It's so powerful that it will take the shine off polished floors!

So if you have a polished floor, you'll want a good, neutral pH cleaner to take the dirt and grime away but leave everything else as it is - this is our Neutral Detergent - we also have this neutral pH detergent available with a Lemon scent.

If it's bare concrete

look no further than Alkali Clean - a heavy duty caustic based degreaser effective at removing oils & inorganic soils from concrete, metal & other washable surfaces.

For some stubborn stains, you may need to spot clean them with other products, but which ones?

For oil and grease, you need Super Solv, our solvent based emulsifiable degreaser.

If you're still looking for something different try our Custom-Made Chemical Solutions service. We will solve your problem!

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